Following tradition, on the morning of Saturday of 6st March 2021, a day after ISRAMAN-EILAT, on the same beach, we will be blow the horns starting the International Red Sea SwimCup.

The International Red Sea SwimCup is the only winter open sea swim race in the northern hemisphere, and is possible due to the year-round pleasant temperature in the Gulf of Eilat (22 degrees centigrade - 72 degrees Fahrenheit).

The Gulf of Eilat, on the northern tip of the Red Sea, is world famous as the premier open-water sea swimming venue on the planet.

The regal red mountains, the enchanting sunrises and the majestic sunsets, provide the ultimate backdrop for a perfect swim in the calm deep-blue waters.

A golden opportunity to pick the swim best suited to you - whether a race against elite swimmers, a long distance watery meditation, a recovery after ISRAMAN-EILAT, or a fun swim with friends or family – the International Red Sea SwimCup has it all.
We can’t wait!

The Events

The International Red Sea SwimCup will include competitive and non-competitive swims as well as short fun/family swim.

The details off the International Red Sea SwimCup special registration prices for ISRAMAN-EILAT participants

 500 m’fun/family1.5 kms Competitive – no wetsuit;Non competitive – wetsuit allowed4.5 kms Competitive – no wetsuit;Non competitive – wetsuit allowed7.5 kms* Competitive – no wetsuit;Non competitive – wetsuit allowed
Early Kit Pick Up/Late Registration at the ShvoongShop as part of the Israman ExpoFriday, March 5st16:00-19:0016:00-19:0016:00-19:0016:00-19:00
Start timeSaturdy, March 6st 8:157:507:156:30
Early Registration – Until 1st March 23:59Israman Participants30 NIS60 NIS80 NIS95 NIS
Non-Israman Participants60 NIS120 NIS160 NIS190 NIS
Last Chance Registration until 5st
March 10:00
Israman Participants40 NIS80 NIS100 NIS120 NIS
Non-Israman Participants80 NIS160 NIS200 NIS240 NIS
Day before registration – Not available for competitive
Israman Participants50 NIS80 NIS100 NIS125 NIS
Non-Israman Participants80 NIS160 NIS200 NIS250 NIS
  • Participants in the 7.5 kms swim must submit a medical approval to compete, at the time of pick up of the participant kit.
  • All participants except of the 500 fun/family heat will receive a timing chip
  • Participants not wearing wetsuits will be included in the competitive heat whereas participants wearing wetsuits will be included in the non-competitive heat
  • The participants of the non-competitive heat will have personal time results, but will not be eligible to compete for the prizes and standings of the different categories

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